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  1. Hi !

    I hope this email finds you great.

    My name is Adriana Canellas and I work for the canadian television production company Trio Orange.

    We are currently in pre-production of a travel series titled The Foodie List where our viewers and future visitors will discover 13 different cities around the world through their relationship with their cuisine.

    A foodie seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger and food has become one of the top 3 reasons why people travel and choose a country over another.

    During these 13 episodes we look forward to show our viewers the uniqueness of a dining experience in each of the 13 cities we visit. With The Foodie List, we will discover your most iconic, colourful and avantgarde dishes through food experts, journalists, food bloggers, chefs and foodies in general who will tell us about your culture while presenting these meals.

    During this worldwide tour we are really looking forward to including and presenting Austrian cuisine and we are extremely interested in devoting a whole episode of 1 hour to the city of Vienna.

    We are now looking for 4 food bloggers who will take our international viewers on this journey of culinary discovery in each city we visit tasting and telling us about your unique dishes.

    The series will be broadcast on the Canadian travel network Evasion which has 2.000.000 viewers per week. The series will be broadcast on 2016, several times a week and an average of 3 times a year during a 3 year period.

    As our previous series, Unique Hotels and Restaurants, The Foodie List will also be distributed by Lagardere Groupe in Europe and Asia and broadcast on Discovery and National Geographic in 2016.

    Please find a synopsis of the show attached herein.

    Our trip is scheduled this upcoming March and April. Dates in Viennato be confirmed.

    In the hope that you find the project interesting and assuring you and your city maximum visibility and exposure on an international scale I look forward to hearing back from you and I thank you very much for your interest in the series.

    Best regards,

    Adriana Canellas
    Trio Orange
    Tel. +1 514 315 1950 ext. 372


  2. Hallo Elisabeth,

    erst einmal ein großes Kompliment zu Deinem Blog! Gefällt uns wirklich sehr gut!

    Gerne würden wir Dir und Deinen Lesern mal die KÜCHENQUICKIES von Sternekoch Stefan Marquard vorstellen (www.küchenquickies.de).

    Um Dir einen Einblick zu geben, richten wir Dir jederzeit gerne einen kostenlosen Test-Account ein!

    Über eine kurze Rückmeldung würde ich mich sehr freuen!

    Beste Grüße,

    Daniel Kövary
    Küchenquickies – PR & Promotion

    MAIL: daniel@kuechenquickies.de
    WEB: http://www.kuechenquickies.de
    FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Kuechenquickies


    • Hallo Daniel, vielen Dank für Dein Angebot. Momentan bin ich mit meinen eigenen “Küchenquickies” ganz happy, aber ich komme vielleicht später auf dein Angebot zurück. Liebe Grüße, Elisabeth


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