Saffron Bake

Easy, healthy, low carb and a beautiful shade of yellow. Oh, and makes your kitchen smell of saffron, too! Awesome.

Slice one red onion into rings and slowly pan-fry in some (pistachio) oil until the onion rings turn gold-brown. The roasted aroma you get from this is really essential, so don’t rush this step. In the meantime, coat the inside of a baking dish with butter,  mix 125 g Chavroux or other goat cheese spread with 2 sachets saffron, 1 egg and 1/2 tsp nigella seeds (I used a blitzer for this), chop half a handful of dried tomatoes and roughly chop and blanch two handfuls of kale. By now the onion should be done, too, so off you go: all the solids go in the baking dish first, pour over the eggy cheese mix and top with grated pecorino cheese.



Pop in the oven at 180° for 30-40 min depending on your baking dish size, you’ll probably need to cover it with tinfoil for the last 10-15 mins to avoid the cheese getting too dark.

Enjoy! Makes for an excellent brown bag lunch, as you can see… (yes, two laptops. Once you go multi-screen, you never go back.)



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