Beef Tartare

This is so good and so easy I can’t believe I only ever make it to impress, erm, treat guests. You do need top-notch quality beef though, so make sure to get the beef freshly minced by a butcher you trust and tell him it’s for beef tartare so he picks a lean piece of meat to mince.

There are millions of versions of beef tartare, this one’s is very classic:

freshly minced beef (120g per person is ample) / capers / olive oil / spring onions / salt / black pepper / tomato paste / dijon mustard / worcestershire sauce / parsley / egg yolk


Chop everything finely, mix well, serve with egg yolk on top and buttered toasted bread.

You can take it in an asian-fusion direction using sesame oil, ginger and soy sauce, you can do Scandinavian style with linseed oil, horseradish and capers, etc etc. Let me know your fav in the comments!

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