1 Low-Carb Recipe That Doesn’t Take Forever Or Asks For Ingredients You’ve Never Even Heard Of

Okay. Ordered a couple of nice trousers in Size M, didn’t fit. Back to No-Carb it is. It works for me. Why and how it works you’ll have to read up elsewhere, I’m not qualified to talk about that. If you want to sink your teeth into this topic, this is what tipped me off. It’s essentially a scientific enquiry into how and why carbs came to be regarded as the preferred foundation for nutrition, and annotated with lots of Further Reading, so not exactly for the fainthearted and/or just-a-couple-pages-before-bed readers. Worth it though.

Anyway, what annoys me is how few good keto-, very low- or no-carb (I’ll use these terms interchangably, as for my intents and purposes, they are) recipe sources there are. If you know of any good resources, please let me know in the comments. All I found so far either requires me to go find obscure ingredients like, I don’t know, shredded Himalayan orchid seeds sprouted in craft beer (and that’s coming from someone who considers black cardamom pods a pantry staple) or just re-builds “regular” meals without the carbs and declares spiralised zucchini a type of pasta.

So, I’ll just try to come up with my own ideas for keto recipes.

This one is just low-carb but a nice and easy starter recipe anyway : Saffron Shrimp Salad

Saffron Shrimp Salad

(Yes I know the glass of wine kind of defeats the purpose, thank you.)

Sautée a small spring onion and a sliced garlic clove in olive oil for two minutes, add a small handful of sliced papaya and another handful of shrimps. Fry over medium-high heat for two more minutes, then add a splash of white wine in which you’ve dissolved a sachet of saffron. Stir well and let the flavours come together for a bit, but make sure you have some liquid left – this is going to be your salad dressing. Arrange over a bowl of mixed green salad. Enjoy!

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