The Pastaless Carbonara And Its Meatless Derivative

I love Carbonara. I don’t love carbs. I don’t eat nearly enough greens. My Italian chef slash UI designer colleague tells me how to make proper carbonara, so what do I do? I go home and make a pastaless carbonara. Sorry, Alberto.

pastaless carbonara

First try above. Pick a soft salami, nothing too hard. We’re not going for the authentic version here, just with what you have in your fridge. Heat it in a pan until it releases its fat. Meanwhile, slice a courgette quite thinly and brown it for a good 10 minutes in (garlicky) olive oil added to the salami’s fat. While the courgette is browning (don’t stir too often), grate a handful of pecorino cheese and mix it with freshly ground pepper, some nutmeg and one yolk (two if you’re using small eggs or a big courgette or are a bit greedy). Put the white aside for an extra protein hit in tomorrow morning’s scrambled eggs.

When the courgette is ready mix with the sauce and eat right away.

Now, on to the next stage: Meatless version! For when you forgot to buy salami. Not recommended.

meatless pastaless carbonara

hint: use more cheese!

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