Welcome back!

Hello guys,

after a bit of an extended spring break we’re back in business, namely the business of eating well without bursting the bikini. Now, before I get angry messages that everyone who has a body and a bikini has a bikini body, yes, I couldn’t agree more, but personally I just prefer having a little less body to squeeze in that bikini than vice versa.

Speaking of bikinis, the high street has yet again let me down this year. Standing in H&M’s changing rooms, reluctantly having gone a size up in bottoms, I was fascinated to see that all bikini bottoms managed to simultaneously fail to cover my bum in a socially acceptable way while still providing ample fabric hanging about loosely, giving the impression of having been designed for people with long, narrow butts. Earth to designer: Bums come in Landscape format, not Portrait! Human anatomy 101.

I really wish I had bought that black M&S bikini in triplicate… what is it with my generation and the aversion to buying in bulk? Is it because our mothers bought polo shirts in eight colours and five identical chino shorts at the Ralf Lauren outlet and then were set for the next decade while we teenagers were embarrassed as hell to be picked up by a woman clearly wearing essentially THE SAME THING she was wearing last time she picked us up in front of our friends two weeks ago only in a different colour so EVERYONE will laugh at us and our family’s lack of style etc etc.

Anyway, returning to what I actually wanted to say before I got sidetracked: Try this recipe. It’s good. All you need to do is raid your freezer and pantry and pour yourself a nice big glass of wine.

chive prawns

handful edamame / handful prawns / small bunch of chives, 10cm pieces / half a can of tuna / 5cm piece of chorizo, chopped / chili flakes / 1/2 tbsp whole cumin / 1/2 tbsp fennel seeds / 1/2 tbsp roasted paprika powder / 5 chunks roasted peppers in oil / 2cm piece of ginger

Use some of the oil the peppers came in to fry your chorizo and dry spices plus ginger in. Once the chorizo has released its fat, add the edamame, tuna, and roasted pepper. Stir, salt lightly, wait a couple minutes until the tuna looks nicely fried at the edges, add the chives and make some room in the centre of the pan for the prawns. Lightly salt them, too, and try to fry them from both sides but don’t overcook them. Enjoy with a big fat glass of wine on the terrace overlooking the pool. Or pack and eat at your desk. I won’t judge.

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