Buy Ugly Fruit!

As individuals, we are learning to accept our body’s shape, to be proud even of their strength and endurance.

I will start on a positive note today, to sweeten you up before hurling abuse at you. Good cop bad cop, all in one person.

As a society, we’re getting over body-shaming – realising, perhaps, that pleasantness of body shape is usually not correlated to pleasantness of character. Makes sense, no? So please tell me:

Why the fuck are we still body-shaming our fruit and veg? Seriously, as consumers, we should be ashamed of ourselves. Up to 40% of fruit and veg produced gets tossed for not conforming to beauty standards. Ridiculous! Whoever thought that fruit is supposed to be pretty? What for? Do you regularly dip a potato in gold and add it to your collection of objects d’art? Do you recoil in disgust from non-spherical oranges?!

Try and change this ridiculous nonsense, will you? Go for the ugly carrots, the unloved cucumbers, the deformed mangoes – they have so much love (and taste) to give, just give them a chance!

Please, the next time you go shopping, go pick the ugliest lemon you can find. Show some respect, y’all, you’re not a fucking supermodel either.

(Germany) Second chance for SECOND FRUITS

(Netherlands) UGLY FRUIT doesn’t sugarcoat things

(Austria) MERKUR calls the poor things Wunderlinge

(cute duck courgette courtesy of buzzfeed)

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