No-Carb Salmon Cake

As you guys know, I’m a big believer in the whole no-carb theory. Unfortunately, carbs started creeping back into my life with the arrival of FIG SEASON followed by PUMPKIN SEASON and most recently, LITTLE ROMANTIC ROASTED CHESTNUT STALLS ALL OVER THE PLACE SEASON. Alas, I have put on a bit of insulation. Not too keen on that. So let’s go back to proper NO carb as opposed to whiney half-arsed LOW carb. There is, however, only so many egg-based food in the world so ‘t was the time to try

No-Carb Salmon Cakes.

fish patty

200g frozen sustainable(!!) salmon - don't go for intense aquaculture or net-caught fish, that's just plain mean / 2'' piece of ginger / 3 spring onions, including the green bits / wasabi or horseradish, to taste / salt or soy sauce, pepper, oil

Chop everything very finely. If you’re happy with a low-carb version, add a tbsp breadcrumbs to enhance stickiness, but it works fine without, too. Form small patties, gently place them in a hot pan with a bit of oil. Go for medium-high heat, not full out – you want the inside to cook through before the outside is scorched, remember. Leave to brown for 2-4 mins per side, depending on patty size, then cover with a lid or some tin foil (seriously, what happened to all the lids in my kitchen? 5 pots, 7 pans, and precisely 1 lid. So weird.) and turn off the heat. Serve with leafy greens – salad to you and me – for the no-carb freaks and with a bit of roasted broccoli and sweet potato for everyone else.

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