The Breakfast Arsenal as manufactured by VERIVAL

Thanks to the lovely folks at VERIVAL, tyrolian muesli gurus, I now have an arsenal of mueslis at my disposal:

verival mueslis

Those nice Tyrolians keep on sending me loads of organic muesli and granola varieties to try, even though I have been a lazy-ass blogger in the last couple weeks, so cheers to you, guys! In my defense, I have just moved flat, been on holiday, and still haven’t found the time to mount the ceiling lamp in my new flat, so blogging is taking somewhat of a backseat, or a place squeezed between the IKEA chairs I need to return and the box of unknown content and or origin in the trunk of my car, to stress the metaphor slightly. Anyhoo, at least The Italian was kind enough to buy a lightbulb which, unlike the five different ones I have bought, fits my desk lamp’s fitting, making it the only working light source in my new flat. He also stocked me up on yogurt, enabling me to conduct a series of highly scientific tests as to how these flakes & grains are best put to use. Here goes:

The so-called “Backmüslis” confused me – should I bake them? How do I bake them? I don’t wanna bake in the morning! I don’t even have an oven in my new flat, come to think of it. Is it edible unbaked? Should muesli even be baked? – until I found out that they simply are bak-ed, not bake-able mueslis, otherwise known as granola. Once you get past the initial confusion, both the apricot & carrot (yes, carrot) and blueberry granola (pretty dark because of all the berries) are very nice & fruity and best eaten with some more blueberries and greek yogurt. Does anyone ever eat granola with milk, btw? That’s so weird, soaky granola… eew. Eat with yogurt, is my firm recommendation.

The “Urkornflocken” are your regular organic unsweetened three grain flakes which I sprinkle on my goat milk yogurt most days (hashtag first world breakfast standards).

There’s also a coconut & apricot muesli which is my current favourite to be eaten with milk, and a very convenient little selection of one-portion bags with four different types: an Urkornmuesli with nuts (like!), two different apple granolas (too sugary for me), and another iteration of the porridge I already reviewed. The porridge was, again, scooped up by a friend who visited me and I’m not surprised, it’s my favourite too. Ah well, here’s hoping for the next delivery :)

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