Smoked Salt And White Wine Fishy

Sorry for the absolute radio silence over here, I’ve just moved and am still living out of cardboard boxes, without ceiling lights (damn you, popularity of concrete in 1960 and your impermeability!) or any sort of light at all (why is it that with 4 different types of lightbulbs not one fits the table lamp’s fitting?), so cooking has taken a kind of back seat at the moment. The lovely folks from VERIVAL  are probably also wondering why I haven’t reviewed their latest muesli shippings yet – I will, and soon, I promise! – and you guys have probably given me up for good by now.

Here’s my lame excuse of a recipe (10 mins tops) to get you back on my side, dear readers, but at least it’s actually really tasty. Just make sure to buy line-caught or organically farmed fish  (no high-intensity aquaculture, that’s just plain mean), we need to keep our oceans stocked and our fishies very happy.

happy fishy

1 very happy fishy fillet / 3 black cardamom pods / smoked salt / unsweetened cocoa powder (optional) / white wine / fresh ginger, sliced / roasted broccoli or other side veggies

Rub the fishy on both sides with smoked salt (it’s amazing, you’ll start using it for everything, believe me!) and a tiny pinch of unsweetened cocoa powder, if you have some. Heat some olive oil in a pan, crush the black cardamom pods and throw them in together with the ginger. Turn the heat to medium and lightly fry the fishy from both sides until it’s almost done, then add a glug of white wine (dry, crispy whites are best) and let it perfume your fishy – you’ll want it to almost completely evaporate.

Roasted broccoli makes a nice side for this.

Enjoy! And please, do come back….

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