Two Office Lunches For When It’s Too Hot Even For Sushi

Since I haven’t been posting new recipes as regularly as I’d like to, here’s a double treat to make up for it. It’ll be a quick double treat though:


No 1: sweet cantalouple melon straight from the fridge, a couple of slices of serrano ham, pan-fried – drizzle the juice of half a lime over it when it’s done, that’ll give you a beautiful salad dressing – now just add some feta cheese for creaminess, lots of roughly torn basil and lemon balm and freshly ground black pepper.



And here’s number two, at three to ten minutes preparation time, depending on your skills in attacking mangoes with the type of blunt, weirdly bent knife which is invariably the only clean one left by the time you get to the office kitchen.

Cube a perfectly ripe fresh mango, add half a block of feta cheese, a big handful fresh basil, and dust with finely ground black pepper. It’s a very simple, unusual combination but it does work, I promise you.






Enjoy :)

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