Bikini Challenge – Low Carb Recipe #3: Roasted Eggplant And White Bean Bake

Low Carb is still going strong, except for the occasional Italian-induced lapses every other weekend (I am not complaining). More often than not though, I don’t feel like cooking after coming home from a post-work gym session and end up having some cheese and soy yogurt instead of an actual meal. Even though I’m happy as a clam munching through a selection of Italian cheeses lovingly shlepped home through airport security (“Hey, Giorgio! It’s the crazy cheese girl again! Hahaha let’s search her bag for particularly runny cheeses we can classify as liquids and keep for dinner!”), but from time to time even I want to eat a warm, hearty meal. Low Carb, of course. Bonus points if I can take leftovers to work the next day.

I saw this amazing eggplant-tomato-bean bake recipe in a magazine but adapted it so massively, I don’t even feel guilty for not citing it as source (must’ve been Shape, Womens Health or some other fitness-related mag, I don’t do proper glossies anymore).

 aubergine bake1 eggplant / 1 small onion / 2 garlic cloves / 1 tin tomatoes / 1 tin (white) beans / dried tomatoes / 1 handful feta cheese / wine (optional) / fresh or dried herbs (rosemary, thyme, oregano) / fresh parsley


Serves 4 or 1 with leftovers for a week’s worth of work lunches:

Thinly slice one eggplant lengthwise and brown in a very hot pan with only a little oil. Using one pan and doing them in a couple batches works fine, just pile them up on a plate when they’re done. Next up: fry a small, chopped onion and 2 chopped garlic cloves, add a splash of wine (optional), a handful roughly chopped dried tomatoes and one tin of tomatoes. Dial the heat down a notch, add fresh or dried herbs (I like thyme, rosemary and a hint of oregano) and let it simmer and come together as a sauce. In the meantime, preheat the oven, lightly oil a baking tin and drain a packet of white beans. After around 8 mins the sauce should have reduced to a good texture, so you’re ready to get layering: Cover the bottom of your baking tin with eggplant, add some sauce, then beans, another eggplant layer*, more sauce, etc. Crumble a small handful of feta cheese on top, shove into the oven (top rack) and wait until the feta is slightly browned. Serve with fresh parsley.


aubergine bake


* Wouldn’t “The Eggplant Layers” be an amazing name for a band?! (Copyright: mine!)

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