10 Seconds Creamy Green Avocado Pesto You Could Eat With Chicken Instead Of Pasta (Low Carb Fail #1)

Made the most amazing pesto the other night in, I kid you not, 10 seconds flat. Inspired by the avocado spaghetti a friend served me the other night way before I started the Low Carb Bikini Challenge, I wanted to recreate it and eat with chicken.

Put a tightly packed handful of very finely chopped basil leaves in a blitzer/blender, add a pinch of salt, some granulated or minced fresh garlic, a teeny tiny dollop of olive oil, and one perfectly ripe avocado. Blend. Add a good squeeze of lemon or lime. Done.

creamy avocado blitz pesto

1 avocado / big handful basil / lime or lemon juice / garlic
Variation: swap basil for parsley / add smoked paprika powder or harissa / add cumin

I’m sure it would have been great with chicken. Ahem.

Make double the amount and store in an airtight container overnight so you can bring some to work the next day and mix into quinoa salad / rice / other grains, spread on toasted bread, dip veggies into it etc etc.

Variations! Variations! Add some paprika powder to change it up a bit if you’re feeling more guacamole than pesto, replace basil with parsley or swap lime for lemon. I love tweak-friendly recipes….

Update: Last weekend I did try it with chicken! Convinced my Italian to let me try regain his trust after The Salting Incident (still not talking about it) and am proud to say he was quite happy about chicken breast lightly dusted with salt and the same smoked paprika powder I added to the avocado pesto, pan-fried with some fresh cherry tomatoes and deglazed with a sip of white wine wine. Makes an incredibly easy, quick, and delicious carb-free dinner rich in protein (chicken) and a good helping of healthy fats (avocado)!

2 thoughts on “10 Seconds Creamy Green Avocado Pesto You Could Eat With Chicken Instead Of Pasta (Low Carb Fail #1)

  1. hmm chicken and paprika

    I keep it over night sometimes, but the avocado turns black at the top very very fast. the internet recommends either storing it covered in lemon juice (not a very good solution taste-wise), or throwing the core back in. I have tried neither and just eat it all now. :)


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