Low Carb #2 – Sunny-Side-Up Your Leftovers

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Leftovers. They get kinda old after five days (bruahaha). No seriously, I never really liked having leftovers until I started working in an office full-time and got to know the joys of German canteen food (no PLEASE don’t put sauce on it! It’s a lasagna, for heaven’s sake! It doesn’t NEED any sauce!). Nowadays when I look in the fridge it’s more like, Yes! Yesterday’s leftovers! Brilliant!

I made a lot of eggplant bake (recipe coming soon) last Monday night, so much in fact that it lasted for unbelievable seven days. Not recommended by the way! I’m pretty sure this is a health & safety disaster… but I figured since I’d survived my Mum’s legendary desert tea cake (motto: low chance of choking to death (if cup of tea available)) AND eating half a Livarot cheese including its bizarre rind in one go, I must have become a food survival veteran. Any old germs thriving on week-old bakes needn’t apply.

Anyway, if you have any leftovers that are still actually safe to eat, but are not too keen on having to use them up, do as I do and prettify them by

1) serving on a salad base with olives, capers, radishes or whatever else needs to be used up (that limp stem of basil, perhaps?) thrown in

3) if using watery lifeless tomatoes, fry them in a little oil and balsamico to get a really good dressing and get more flavour out of them

4) adding cheese! You can’t go wrong with adding cheese!

5) Sunny-side-up it (yes, I just verb-ed that). Also, see 4).

Why it works? The protein in the egg makes this a lot more satisfying, the salad adds bulk, a good cheese – say, Livarot – makes the dish feel a bit more indulgent and special and serves as a boot camp for your immune system if you’re inclined to eat the rind (joking, please don’t). 

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