The Low Carb Approach To Bikini Challenge – Goat Cheese on Salad

Let’s talk diet plans and preferences today. There is such an array of confusing, contradictory and in varying degrees inhumane diet plans out there that I never paid much attention to them, except after overindulging. After reading Gary Taubes’ book Good Calories, Bad Calories, I felt a bit vindicated in my diet preferences (he’s not the newest diet messiah but an acclaimed science journalist, in case you were rolling your eyes).

I’ve always steered more towards a low carb, high fat kinda diet. Why? Well, let’s go through the main carb groups for a second:

  • Sweets – I’ve lost my sweet tooth after a 40-day spell of No Chocolate For Lent (read all about it here, in German though) and thanks to finding out how sugar is metabolized in our bodies, the craving for sweet stuff never really returned.
  • Potatoes I’m not particularly keen on thanks to having attended an English boarding school for a semester. I had potatoes twice daily, in every conceivable form of preparation and would rather not see them again.
  • Bread is just not a particularly exciting foodstuff (sorry, artisanal bakeries) unless you’re at a restaurant that is either really really upscale or has incredibly slow service.
  • Pasta: nice, but honestly, it is really just a vehicle for sauces, isn’t it?

Conclusion: Carbs, as a rule, are boring.

The only carb I couldn’t do without is muesli (and wine, I guess) so following a low carb diet is pretty natural for me anyway and so far has kept me reasonably slim.

Enter The Italian. And with him, pizza, pasta, bread, crackers, bread with pasta, crackers with pizza, bread on top of pizza topped with pasta etc etc. Italians with their superhuman metabolism seem to just burn it all off the second they it it, but this middle European cannot boast such a metabolism so a couple pounds have accumulated over the winter. Whining about that to a friend, we came up with a

Bikini Challenge!

The one of us who sticks to our routine of healthy meals, 2 meals per week replaced by a green smoothie and 3 workouts a week until mid-May without fail gets a shiny new bikini from the other to show off that toned bikini figure!

So till May, you’ll find a lot more low carb recipes on this site. Feel free to join in the Bikini Challenge, although I can tell you right now that I will not buy you a shiny new bikini, you’ll have to do that yourself or find a friend to challenge.

Low Carb After Work I Can’t Be Bothered To Cook Dish #1:

goat cheese on salad
goat cheese / 1-2 handfuls green salad / handful pak choi / 1 lemon

Pop the goat cheese (I used a roughly palm-of-hand-sized, 3 cm high round one – ask your cheesemonger which type he’d recommend) under the broiler and check in on it after 5 minutes – the colour in the picture is what you’re aiming for. In the meantime, sautée 4 chopped pak choi leaves and just a touch granulated garlic (or 1/4 minced clove) in a little olive oil, salt, and when the stems have gone soft, squeeze the juice of half a lemon over it. Put into your salad bowl. Top with 1-2 handfuls green salad, add some more olive oil and lemon juice if needed, mix well and top with the goat cheese. Beautiful!

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