Thai-Style Cinnamon Basil Chicken

Really quick post today, since this is a really quick recipe:

Chicken breast / 3 spring onions / 2 garlic cloves / 1 red chili / some veggies / handful spinach or bok choi / handful (thai) basil / fish sauce / soy sauce / cinnamon / sugar

Cube the chicken breast, marinate in 2 tsp fish sauce and 2 tsp soy sauce. Sautee spring onions, add chopped garlic, sliced red chili, handful of veggies (I used broad beans and shiitake mushrooms) and stir for a minute or two. Add the chicken, a touch of cinnamon (don’t go overboard, you can always add some more later), a teeny sprinkle of sugar, roughly torn fresh spinach leaves (bok choi would work even better I think, in which case, add the stems earlier at the same time as the veggies), stir a bit, add some more soy sauce and fish sauce diluted with water if needed. When the chicken is done, add the basil, let it wilt a bit and you’re done! Picture to follow.

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