Kale And Quinoa – Two Superfoods That Found Each Other

Before International Quinoa Year* ends with a hopefully epic party and pretty fireworks that won’t enter someone’s drawing room through an unfortunately wide-open window not that this has ever happened to me personally which it really hasn’t I assure you, I present you with the opportunity of atoning for all your biscuit-induced sins while enjoying the hell out of lunch. For three days, if you don’t scale down the recipe I’m about to hand to you.


2 cups quinoa, 4 handful chopped kale leaves and stems, 1 bunch chopped parsley, 4 tblsp miso paste, 5 black cardamom pods, 2-3 finely chopped spring onions, juice and zest of 1 1/2 lemons, handful roasted pine nuts, sliced dried tomatoes, feta cheese for topping, bacon (optional), black pepper

Marinate the spring onions (greens and all) in the lemon juice. In a big pot, cook the quinoa in 4 cups water mixed with miso paste, add the cardamom pods (don’t worry if you can’t find any, not essential), for about half the quinoa’s cooking time. Add some more water if needed and just pile the chopped kale stems and leaves on top of the quinoa, cover and steam until the quinoa has soaked up all the miso’d water and the kale stems are soft enough to eat. When you’re ready, mix all the ingredients except the feta cheese together in a big bowl, add more lemon juice or miso paste if needed, add olive oil if you like and some freshly ground pepper, top with feta and you’re set for the healthiest, tastiest series of lunches you’re gonna have this year. For what’s left of it, anyway.

*2013. Not joking.

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