Holy Basil! (Fish)Saucy Minced Beef

Disclaimer: this is the lazy European’s version of a very nice Southeast Asian recipe I found on the internet, bookmarked, and lost again, so what you’re signing up for here is one of those “inspired by” things you’ve probably come to fear already. On the upside, if this lazy European can do it, you can, too, and in 20 minutes at that. PLUS you only need what’s already in your spice cupboard* to make it. How does that sound?

fish sauce beef mince

500 g minced beef / 1 tsp granulated garlic (equals 3-4 cloves) / small fiery chilies, sliced on the bias / 3-4 tblsp fish sauce / sugar / 2 tblsp lime juice / big bunch of holy (thai) basil leaves / bunch of coriander leaves (optional)

Heat some oil in a wok or big pan and add garlic, chilies, and the minced beef. Add salt and fry until the beef is almost done, then add fish sauce and a pinch of sugar, salt, and lime juice. If the pan is getting too dry, either add some more oil or a little beef stock. Add the holy basil and coriander at the end, just let them wilt a bit.

* If’ve you’ve been on this site a couple times you’ll know that my spice cupboard isn’t necessarily representative of the average person’s spice cupboard, but then again, you don’t want to think of your good self as average anyway, do you?

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