Quick Quinoa Patties

You’re home, hungry and there’s nothing in the fridge. Can’t be bothered to go out shopping either, and take-outs are too fatty and/or carb-y for your liking (at least that’s what you tell yourself, because you are the kind of person who takes good care of their body so your dislike for take-outs has got nothing at all to do with the fact that you’d have to wait 45 mins for the food to arrive).

But! Like a beacon of light in the darkness that is your fridge, there shines forth a little tupperware dish containing about a cup of cooked quinoa leftovers. Score!

Because now all you have to do is crack open an egg, put that last wilted spring onion out of its misery (chop it), salt and pepper. Add smoked paprika powder to take it one way, falafel-style seasoning (that’s mainly parsley, cumin and ground and fresh coriander) for another. Add any herbs you can find, mix everything well, form into small patties and fry in a little oil over medium heat until golden. Flip once. If you are as talented as I am, any kind of patty you attempt will break apart and resemble a scramble. Keep your head up, there’s worse curses to be afflicted with.

quinoa patties

quinoa / egg / herbs / spring onions / smoked paprika powder or falafel or other seasoning / fresh tomatoes / condiments

Serve with fresh tomatoes, salad, and any kind of condiment you like (grated horseradish! Tabasco! Sriracha! Sambal Oelek! Even curry paste, if you must.)

So how exactly could this be good for you, you ask? Well darlings, it doesn’t have to be bad for you just because it tastes good. In a nutshell: Quinoa is awesome and full of protein, as you can read pretty much anywhere on the internet so I won’t yak about it here. Anyway, 2013 is international quinoa year (seriously), so you might as well show your quinoa a little love and appreciation by making these delicious patties. Eggs are great sources of protein as well, and if you’re doubtful of your greens, go and ask your mum who will be probably more than happy to make you eat them all.

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