Happily Married Shrimps

Apologies for the shrimpiness I’m putting you through lately, but I can’t not post this one. It’s a  deliriously happy marriage of shrimp and pasta, perfect for a weeknight and again incredibly quick, delicious, pantry-compatible, hassle-free and not asking for any weird spices you might not even know (seriously guys, broaden your horizon and go buy some flippin’ spices – you’ll need them all the time, for lots of different recipes, I promise!)

shrimps / pasta / tinned tomatoes / cinnamon / garlic / anchovies / chili flakes or cayenne pepper / saffron (optional) / basil or parsley (optional)
happily married shrimps 

Cook your pasta in salted water according to instructions – tagliatelle work well, but use whichever pasta you feel like, I always do. In the meantime, fry 5 anchovy fillets in their own oil in a hot pan. Add a generous dash of cinnamon (just do it! Trust me), a pinch of salt and however much saffron you’re willing to sacrifice (alright my stingy loves, skip this step if you like, the saffron’s nice but non-essential). Add two finely chopped two garlic cloves and add them in. Wait a minute and add the tinned tomatoes and some chili flakes or cayenne pepper. Give the lemon a quick squeeze, add the drained pasta and serve with some parsely or basil.

Disclaimer: this recipe is inspired by a Jamie Oliver one a friend told me about, so I’m not sure how close to the original it actually is.

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