Ten Minute Shrimps Dinner

Okay darlings. I get it. You’re super busy, what with being part of the workforce, backbone of society and stuff. So you skip breakfast, scorf down a sandwich at lunch and thus are positively famished when you come home and really, seriously, way too hungry and cool and employed to cook and so fix yourself another sandwich with stale bread and whatever you find in the fridge, be it peanut butter, tuna, curry paste or a combination. I get you. You need to stop it, though.

Since I care about your health, wellbeing and continuing ability to pay taxes, here’s a dish that asks for FIVE INGREDIENTS you probably have at home ALREADY, one being WHITE WINE of which you are encouraged to HAVE A GLASS while putting in the TEN MINUTES from “hm that sounds nice” to ACTUALLY EATING, no mise en place or other cheats.


frozen shrimps / frozen spinach / favourite pesto / white wine / cherry tomatoes / optional: herbs

Take two handfuls of shrimps, give them a quick 1 min microwave to thaw, while also thawing the spinach for a couple more minutes. Add the shrimps and a handful of whole cherry tomatoes into a hot pan together with 2 tblsp of your favourite pesto – I used a simple chili and garlic one – and stir well. Roughly squeeze-dry the spinach, you don’t want it to be too soggy, and add into the pan. Salt and pepper generously. If you find any herbs lurking in the fridge that might go with your pesto, throw them in – I used thyme. When all liquid from the shrimps and spinach has evaporated, add a glug of white wine, stir well, wait a minute and that’s it! Now put that tuna sandwich down.

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