Birthday Muesli

This was my full-out birthday muesli:

birthday muesli

List of ingredients: Isabella grapes (the ones Uhudler wine is made from), peach, fresh cranberries, grated apple, dried goji berries, almonds, pecan nuts, walnuts, linseed, raisins, fresh avocado (yes, really!) and my favourite muesli, which is one of the three organic mueslis from Spar – I know that it isn’t the Bircher one but can’t for the life of me remember which one it actually is, so I always have a 50/50 chance of picking my favourite. How I managed university is beyond me.

All this muesli action is suspended in thick sheep’s milk which I recently discovered to be fatter, thicker and more intensly flavoured than regular cow’s milk and very sheepy (duh). Can I admit that I watched an episode of Shaun the Sheep while eating this muesli, too?

If someone had stuck a birthday candle in a floating piece of fruit, it would have been the ultimate birthday morning. As it was, I had to console myself by putting on another episode and wolfing down a massive chunk of Taleggio to follow the muesli (calories: 4887). Birthday girl’s prerogative!

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