Ugly Duckling – African Dodo

You can get dried Dodo, which seem to be some type of amaranth leaves, at ethnic food shops – Prosi in Vienna stock it.

Dodo is ridiculously cheap, in its dried form storeable for about forever, cooks quickly and tastes absolutely amazing, so you can’t expect it to be good-looking as well. Which seems to be a sensible approach to life in general. Anyway, this ugly duckling is really worth a try, as follows:

Re-hydrate your Dodo according to instructions on the wrapper. Meanwhile, fry half an onion in a little (coconut) oil over medium heat, adding a chopped garlic clove and a thumb-sized piece of slivered ginger after a couple of minutes. When the onion has gone soft and browned a bit, add the drained dodo, salt, add two tsp paprika and half a tsp of each ground cumin and coriander. If you like a bit of spice, add fresh or dried chili, cayenne or smoked paprika powder. Pour in half a can of coconut milk, the regular full-fat variety. Skimmed coconut milk is absolutly horrible, trust me on this one.

Stir well and let it simmer for a couple minutes to let the flavours really come together. Because it’s not a particularly pretty dish, there is no picture, but tastewise it’s an absolute star. Great with lentils, or as a side to seafood.

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