Kuku Sabzi Or The Greenest Fritatta Possible

You want protein. You want veggies. You certainly don’t want to get fat, or get that dreaded after-lunch energy slump.

I hear you.

Enter Kuku Sabzi.

Apparantly this particular kuku is traditionally made around Persian New Year’s and includes raisins so the new year will be sweet. Not sure if I’m sacrificing next year’s happiness here, but I find their sweetness doesn’t really fit and therefore leave them out. If you’re worried about your mental wellbeing though, by all means go for the raisins. As you might have noticed by now, I have a record of not following recipes, so here’s the proudly non-authentic version I made.

You’ll need half a handful grated courgette,  a small handful of each arugula and spinach (roughly chopped), three finely chopped spring onions including all  the green bits and as many fresh herbs as you can find – I love parsley, cilantro, oregano, thyme, sage and very finely chopped rosemary. A touch of mint freshen things up, but don’t use too much, it can be quite overpowering, a tsp is plenty.

Add 3-4 eggs into the mix – depending on the amount of herbs and size of eggs, you’ll just want the eggs to cover your greens, not slosh around – and mix well. Salt and pepper, add some cumin and/or chili if you like, and pour the mixture into a buttered oven dish. Turn the oven to 180°C, stick the dish in and wait for half an hour. By baking instead of frying it, you’ll get perfect fluffiness and a bit of crispiness on top.

If you end up with more chopped greens than you care to use, freeze them before adding the eggs. Instant kuku next time.

Enjoy! Goes really well with avocado, which is a plus in my books, as I am currently on an avocado trip so intense that I find myself tut-tuting shoppers at the supermarket who buy avocados without testing for ripeness. Just wanting to make sure you can fully appreciate your avocado experience, you know?

kuku sabzi with avocado

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