Pauper’s Breakfast

Hello, my name is Marie Antoinette. Since I was out of bread, I had to eat cake.

Currently, my usual breakfast consists of home-made Skyr (a type of obscure Icelandic protein-packed yogurt and yep, I said home-made), a handful raspberries plucked straight from the garden, fresh fruit, a couple toasted mixed nuts and if I’m feeling particularly indulgent, I’ll add some avocado slices and a sprinkle of sea salt.

No joking here, this really is my usual breakfast, accompanied by a cup of tea or five. Yes, I am into lavishly decadent protein rich breakfast and I stand by that. Please don’t call me breakfast nazi again, though, that one really hurt.

However, a week of having come home too late to go grocery shopping saw me deprived of everything but an overripe avocado, a box of sprouts, half a pineapple and the heel of  a small loaf of bread I had stolen from my brother’s party the night before and nibbled at on my way home. So I improvised this “pauper’s breakfast”, feeling rather like Marie Antoinette playing at living a farmer wife’s life in a little cottage built for that precise purpose, surrounded by very picturesque chickens and perfectly turned out fields.

Cube pineapple, toast bread, spread avocado, sprinkle with sea salt and pinch some currants from your flatmate. Done.  Don’t go complaining how you miss the fresh berries, or someone will find a guillotine for you.

paupers breakfast



For comparison: Usual breakfast. With a dash of ground tonka bean.

usual breakfast

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