Salmon Taco Without A Taco Shell

It was a hot summer day. Birds were too tired to sing. Insects didn’t bother flying. Plants were raising their pretty little heads towards the sun. Elisabeth didn’t particularly feel like cooking. However, she also wasn’t very keen on having five different cheeses for lunch since she had had five different cheeses for dinner the night before, the night before that, and had already had a little bit of Taleggio for a midmorning snack.

Suddenly, it dawned on her. What was it her father used to eat in the California sun – Fish Tacos, of course! So off Elisabeth went, buying taco shells and everything else except for the fish, which she forgot. No big deal, there’s always salmon fillet in the freezer.

For the salsa, cube half a red bell pepper, half an avocado and an equal amount of tomato, mix it with a tsp of sliced red onion, a big handful of coriander/cilantro (use the stems as well as the leaves), a good shake of pulverised garlic or an actual garlic clove, minced. Salt, pepper, drizzle with the juice of one lime, add a tsp paprika and a tsp ground cumin, a tiny sprinkle of sugar and as much chili as you like.

Fry the  salmon fillet, peppered and salted, in a little oil on high heat. Don’t flip it, just watch the side of the fillet. If your fillet is about 2 cm high like the one I used, you’ll only want the lower third of it to be done, then flip it and press it down firmly for no longer than 30 seconds. This way, you’ll get a fish with a nicely browned and crispy side that is still a bit rare in the middle. Salmon perfection.


Now, this is what Elisabeth planned to do:

Take a taco shell, fill with a few salad leaves, some sprouts, the salsa and fish. Drizzle with a tsp sour cream.

This is what Elisabeth actually did:

Nibble at one taco shell, find that it tastes of cardboard. Nibble at another taco shell just to make sure, find that this too tastes of cardboard. Throw the whole lot out, swear to never buy cheap taco things again, try to make a shell out of a salad leaf, fail, and just pile the fish and salsa on top of some salad leaves. Make it look pretty with a couple of sprouts. Yum!

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