Drunken Shrimps For Real Pirates

tequila shrimps

Adapted from BHG:

Fill a big cup with one part of each: juice from half a lime, olive oil, tequila or rum. Add salt, a pinch of sugar, 1 tsp paprika , salt, a finely chopped garlic clove and 1 heaped tsp oregano. Marinate shrimps and a sliced jalapeno pepper for at least 10 mins while you prepare some veggies – whatever you find in the fridge, really. For me that was a courgette, a pretty little yellow squash that looked like a UFO and, even though not technically a vegetable, a couple slices chorizo – I can’t help it, chorizo goes so well with shrimps and has that piratey feel about it. Right?

Fry your, ahem, veggies┬áin a non stick pan with a little oil, adding a few tsp of marinade to get some flavour. When they start to look done and nicely browned, add the shrimps and pepper and most of the marinade, reserving a few tsp to add later if too much has evaporated before the shrimps are cooked through. Toss with some fresh herbs (basil, more oregano, coriander/cilantro, parsley,…) and serve with half an avocado and some salad sprouts.

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