Dramatically Lighted Chili Garlic Chorizo Shrimps

shrimps rucola

I am relatively new to shrimps.

As in, I’ve been wolfing down any shrimp I’ve laid my eyes on  since I found out that contrary to my earlier firm belief I do in fact not find shrimps revolting, I rather love them. This epiphany has lead to lots of eyes being rolled & heads being shaken at me as well as many suspicious questions about who I was and what I’d done with Elisabeth. My mother for one would have been delighted to know that since when near the sea, she’d always have shrimps for lunch, dinner and for breakfast, too. Not joking. Appearantly, I am my mother’s daughter after all (except for the breakfast bit).

So far, I’ve been treading lightly in Shrimpville, fearing to lose my precious new connection to the delicious creatures by a messed up recipe, so here is a simple, quick, no-frills-but-loads-of-taste recipe for you:

Put sliced chorizo (about 6 heaped tblsp) in a dry pan on medium heat, add a finely chopped spring onion (including the green parts) and some zucchini/courgette (I used a tiny one from my garden, about 6 heaped tblsp worth) and stir to make sure the fat released by the chorizo coats the pan well. After a couple minutes, add 2 tsp garlic&chili pesto (or 1 chopped garlic clove, a big sliced chili, not too hot, and some hot smoked paprika powder and perhaps a little extra oil if needed). Wait a couple minutes more, salt and add 3 quartered chili tomatoes, a handful arugula and as many shrimps as you like. If using frozen, don’t put them in all at once or they’ll boil rather than fry. Add some mild paprika powder and a handful of basil. Done!

Best enjoyed in dramatically lighted surroundings.

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