Quinoa Tomato Patties From A Breton Holiday

I love foreign supermarkets. The promise of newness lures me in, and I float through aisles checking out cereals,  staring at hitherto unknown fruit and veg (“now what on earth is that?!” I always buy it and it is always a mistake to do so: if it’s horrible, it’s a waste of money. If I like it I’ll likely announce it my New Favourite Food and am devastated that I can’t get it at home). On this particular holiday to a tiny village in Brittany, I found Galettes de céréales au quinoa et boulghour à la tomate. On returning home, instead of feeling unfairly treated by the lack of Galettes de céréales au quinoa et boulghour à la tomate in my local supermarket, I felt pro-active. How hard can it be? With that name, the ingredients were obvious.

My results weren’t quite like the real thing, though. In fact, my galettes de céréales au quinoa without boulghour à lots of tomate ate their galettes for breakfast. Roughly, it went like this:

Cook a cup of quinoa in vegetable soup, using more stock cubes than you would normally. Drain and set aside. Brown 2 spring onions in a lightly oiled pan, add a garlic clove and a skint half can of tinned tomatoes. Add a cut-up roasted pepper, turn down the heat to medium. Add at least 2 tbsp tomato concentrate and stir well to blend it in well. Season with salt, pepper, cumin, a pinch of sugar, paprika (smoked if you like), ground coriander, oregano and, trust me on this one, a touch of unsweetened cocoa powder. Add the cooked quinoa and add enough flour to achieve a thick consistency fit for patty-making. Run it through a blender if you like a finer texture, form patties, coat with flour and pan-fry, flipping each patty over only when the underside has turned golden. Serve with loads of fresh parsley, basil or coriander.

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