don’tchia love it?


Chia seeds are great. I think I made that point over here. Nutrionally, taste-wise, texturally – they even provide the all-important FFF (food fun factor) by going gooey and squishy with a lot of liquid or forming a solid block when you use a little less liquid. If you still don’t love chia seeds and really don’t get the hype, here’s my last try to convince you. If that doesn’t work, I’ll officially give you up as a lost cause. Unless you haven’t yet tried my other chia recipes, in which case I flatly refuse to talk to you anymore.

If you have tried them, found them nice enough but lacking in the convenience department – preparing tomorrow’s breakfast today is something SOME PEOPLE ahem Mr. Elisabeth ahem find decidedly uncool-, fret not. Here’s the result of an experiment that has, surprisingly, not gone horrendously wrong (kale chips, remember?) but instead yielded a delicious and convenient way to get the chia fun rolling. Yes I know that’s cheesy but I will do all I have to convince y’all. On a completely unrelated side note, does anyone know why Randy Jackson the American Idol juror is unable to form a single easy sentence without at least two “y’all”s?

So. Back to the chia seeds. If, like me, you tend to hoard frozen raspberries in embarrassing quantities, you probably know they go rather soggy when thawed. All this raspberry liquid works brilliantly as the goo agent liquid for chia seeds, so fill your breakfast bowl with a big handful of frozen raspberries, pop them in the microwave until they release their liquid and add your preferred amount of chia seeds. Add some sweetener if you like, cover the bowl and leave it on the kitchen counter overnight if the berries aren’t fully thawed yet or just pop the bowl in the fridge. Done!

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